How To Cook Broccoli

1. Open The Broccoli

Take the broccoli out of the refrigerator. Remove the plastic bag the broccoli is in.

Open The Broccoli And Place In Bowl (45k)

Open The Broccoli

2. Clean The Broccoli

Clean the broccoli under running water. Make sure the entire broccoli is cleaned.
Another option is to fill a pot with water. Then clean each broccoli by dipping the broccoli in the pot of water several times.
The movement of the water removes the dirt from the broccoli. Also wash the stem.
Wash all the broccoli and place in a clean bowl for cutting.

Clean The Broccoli Under Running Water For About 15 Seconds (32k)

Clean The Broccoli

3. Cut The Broccoli

Take a smooth edge knife and cut the broccoli into pieces.
Start by holding the stem and cut off the heads.
To cut the heads, take the smooth edge knife and cut the roots of the heads.

Cut The Broccoli By Separating The Heads From The Stems (41k)

Cut The Heads From The Broccoli

4. Picture Of Head Separated From The Stem

Here is a picture of a head separated from the stem.
If the head is big and needs to be cut smaller, take the big piece of head and cut in half.

Close Up Picture Of the Broccoli Head Separated From The Stem (40k)

Close Up Shot Head And Stem

5. Complete Cutting The Broccoli Heads

Repeat cutting off the broccoli heads before cutting the stem.

Finish Cutting Off The Broccoli Heads Before Cutting The Stem (37k)

Remove Broccoli Heads From Stem

6. Peal The Tough Skin

Cut the bottom part of the broccoli stem.
Peal the tough skin of the broccoli stem.
To peal, take the knife and make a small cut at the bottom of the tough skin and peal upwards.

Begin Cutting The Stem By Cutting The Bottom Part And Then Peal The Tough Skin (26k)

Peal The Tough Skin

7. Cut Stem Into Pieces

Cut the stem into small pieces.
The picture on the right shows the stem with the tough skin removed.
Repeat Step 3 to Step 7 to cut all broccoli into pieces.

With The Tough Skin Removed, Cut The Stem Into Small Pieces (25k)

Tough Skin Removed, Cut Into Pieces

8. Broccoli Ready For Cooking

The broccoli is ready for cooking.

Broccoli Cut Into Pieces In A Bowl Ready To Cook (52k)

Broccoli All Into Pieces

9. Boil Water

Fill a pot with 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch water. Heat pot on high temperature to boil water.

Boil Water In A Pot To Steam The Broccoli.  Pot Filled With 1/4 Inch Water. (22k)

Fill Pot 1/4 Inch Water

10. Steam The Broccoli

When the water is boiling, put the broccoli into the pot.
When the water is boiling again and steam is coming out of the water, the broccoli is cooked.
The longer the broccoli is cooked, the softer the broccoli.

Put Broccoli Into Boiling Water and Steam (36k)

Cook The Broccoli

11. Ready To Eat

The broccoli is ready to eat. Don't forget to turn off the stove.

Cooked Broccoli In A Serving Bowl (51k)

Ready To Eat