How To Cut Pineapple

1. Cut The Top Of The Pineapple

There are two steps to check a pineapple is ready to eat. First, remove one of the biggest green leaves on top of the pineapple. If the green leaf was removed easily, then proceed to the second step.
The second step is to look at the bottom of the pineapple. If the bottom looks moldy, then the pineapple is ready to cut.
Going straight to cutting, cut the top part of the pineapple, the top part with the hard green leaves.

Use A Big Knife To Cut The Top Part Of The Pineapple.  The Top Part Has The Hard Green Leaves.  (34k)

Cut The Top Of The Pineapple

2. Cut The Bottom Of The Pineapple

Cut the bottom part of the pineapple.

Cut The Bottom Part Of The Pineapple.  (35k)

Cut The Bottom Of The Pineapple

3. Cut The Sides

Place the pineapple perpendicular to the chopping board.
Cut the sides. Think of slicing the thick bark off a small tree.
Start from the top and slice to the bottom.

Cut The Sides By Slicing Off The Skin Beginning On The Top And Slicing To The Bottom (33k)

Cut The Sides Of The Pineapple

4. Touch Up The Sides

Cut or slice off any tough spots. The tough spots are usually the darker yellow color with remnants of the bark.

Touch Up The Sides By Slicing Off The Tough Spots.  Look For Darker Yellow Color Spots.  (28k)

Remove Tough Spots Along The Sides

5. Cut In Half And Split Into Two

Cut pineapple in half by cutting along the center parallel to the pineapple. Separate or split the pineapple into two pieces.

Cut Pineapple Into Two.  Cut Pineapple Along The Center and Parallel.  Split Into Two When Cut Is Complete.  (22k)

Cut And Split Into Two

6. Cut The Middle Of The Splitted Two

Make two angle cuts to remove the middle part of the two halves. When removed, the middle part is a triangle shape.

Make Two Angle Cuts To Remove The Middle Part.  The Middle Part Is A Triangle Shape.  (26k)

Remove The Triangle Shaped Middle Part

7. Close Up Picture Triangle Middle Piece

Picture of triangle middle piece. The outer part of the middle piece can be eaten.

Another Picture Of Triangle Middle Piece Removed From The Two Halves  (24k)

Middle Piece From The Two Halves

8. Cut Into Two Again And Finally Cut Into Pieces

After removing the middle piece, take the piece of pineapple and cut into half again.
Take one of the halves and cut into pieces. Picture shows one of the two halves cutting into pieces.
After cutting into pieces, place in a bowl.
Repeat again for the second half and cut into pieces.
Repeat Step 6 to Step 8 for the other half with the triangle shaped middle.

Take The Half With The Triangle Piece Removed, Cut Into Half Again, And Take One Of The Two Halves And Cut Into Pieces.  Repeat Step 6 To Step 8 For The Initial Second Half With The Triangle Shaped Middle.  (31k)

Cut Into Two Again And Cut Into Pieces

9. Ready To Eat

The pineapple is ready to eat.

Ready to Eat.  Enjoy.  (37k)

Ready To Eat