How To Cook Broil Soy Sauce Chicken

1. Peal The Leftover Chicken

Generally speaking, the recipe can be used to cook leftovers--especially meat. It's a great way to eat leftovers with some taste.
Leftover chicken is used for the Soy Sauce Chicken recipe.
Peal the chicken into little pieces from the whole chicken and place on a baking pan.
You may use any meat as long as the meat is in pieces.

Peal The Leftover Chicken Into Pieces Using Your Clean Hands Or A Kinfe (47k)

Peal The Whole Chicken Into Pieces

2. Add Soy Sauce

Add soy sauce. Your preference how much to add. You may add a little bit at a time.
Mix the chicken so the soy sauce covers most of the chicken pieces.
Add more soy sauce as desired.
Optional: Add garlic salt.

Add The Soy Sauce And Mix Together (52k)

Add Soy Sauce To The Chicken

3. Broil Soy Sauce Chicken

Broil for approximately 3 minutes.
Optional: Cook for 2 minutes, mix again, and cook for another 2 minutes for a crunchy broiled soy sauce chicken.

Broil Soy Sauce Chicken For Approximately 3 Minutes (56k)

Broil Soy Sauce Chicken In An Oven

4. Ready To Eat

The broiled soy sauce chicken is ready to eat. Don't forget to turn off the broiler.

Broiled Soy Sauce Chicken In A Serving Bowl.  Great Way To Eat Tasty Leftovers. (68k)

Ready To Eat