How To Cut Tomatoes

1. Tomatoes Ready To Clean

Tomatoes should not be in the refrigerator after purchased. Keep at room temperature.
If the tomatoes are cut and not eaten immediately or there are leftovers, then put the cut tomatoes in the refrigerator covered with plastic wrap.

Keep Tomatoes At Room Temperature (24k)

Tomatoes At Room Temperature

2. Clean The Tomatoes

Clean tomatoes under running water. Clean gently. Don't rub the tomatoes.

Clean Tomatoes For Approximately 15 Seconds Gently (33k)

Clean The Tomato

3. Cut The tomato In Half

Cut the tomato in half with a smooth knife.

Cut The Tomato In Half With A Smooth Knife (23k)

Cut The Tomato In Half

4a. Cut The Stem Off

Take one of the two halves of the tomato.
Begin cutting the stem off by cutting one side of the stem diagonally.
When removing the stem, create a triangle cut.

Cut Stem Off.  Start With A Diagonal Cut To Create A Triangle Cut.  (24k)

Begin Triangle Cut To Remove Stem

4b. Cut The Stem Off

Cut the one side of the stem diagonally to finish the triangle cut.

Cut Other Side Of Stem To Finish The Two Diagonal Cuts For The Triangle Cut (25k)

Cut Other Side Of Stem Diagonally

4c. Remove Stem

The triangle cuts are completed. Remove stem with the knife.
Cut around the stem to remove the entire stem if necessary.

Remove Stem.  Cut Around The Stem To Remove The Entire Stem If Necessary (26k)

Remove Stem

5. Cut Tomatoes Into Pieces

Cut Tomatoes into small pieces.
Repeat Step 4 and Step 5 for the other half of the tomato and all of the other tomatoes.

Cut Tomato Into Pieces (27k)

Cut Tomato Into Pieces

6. Tomatoes Ready To Eat

The tomatoes are ready to eat. Enjoy.

Tomatoes Ready To Eat (34k)

Tomatoes Ready To Eat

Bonus 7. Cut Tomatoes Into Slices

To cut tomatoes into slices, first cut the bottom off.

Bonus.  To Cut Tomatoes Into Slices For Hamburgers, First Cut The Bottom Off. (21k)

Cut Bottom Off Of The Tomato

Bonus 8. Cut The Stem Off From The Top

Cut the stem off by cutting in a circular motion from the top of the tomato.

Cut Stem Off By Cutting A Circle From The Top (22k)

Cut Stem Off From The Top In A Circular Motion

Bonus 9. Tomato Without Stem

Picture of tomato without stem and ready to cut into slices.

Tomato Without Stem After The Circular Cut (24k)

Picture Of Tomato Without Stem

Bonus 10. Cut Tomato Into Slices

Place the tomato parallel to the chopping board or plate. In other words, place the tomato at the position where the bottom was cut from Step 7.
Begin cutting the tomato into slices starting at the bottom.

Cut Tomato Into Slices (25k)

Cut Tomato Into Slices

Bonus 11. Parallel Circular Cut At End

When the end is reached, make a parallel circular cut along and through the tomato.
Repeat Bonus Step 7 to Bonus Step 11 for the rest of the tomatoes.

Parallel Cut At End Of The Tomato (19k)

Parallel Cut At The End Of The Tomato