How To Cook Yao Choy

1. Open The Yao Choy

Take the yao choy out of the refrigerator. Open the plastic bag the yao choy is in.

Open The Yao Choy.  Keep Inside Open Bag (38k)

Open The Yao Choy

2. Fill A Big Pot With Water

Fill a big pot with water to prepare washing the yao choy.
Don't fill it to the top. Fill it 80% full.

Fill A Big Pot With Water.  Fill 80% full.  (26k)

Fill Pot With Water

3. Wash The Yao Choy

Clean the yao choy.
Hold the yao choy on the end and move them around the pot of water.
The movement of the water created removes the dirt from the yah choy. Also wash the stem.
Make sure the entire yao choy is cleaned.
If the yao choy is too long to fit in the pot, cut the yao choy in half and wash.

Hold The Yao Choy On The Stem And Wash By Moving Them Inside The Pot With Water.  Also Wash The Stem.  (33k)

Hold The Stem And Wash

4. Place Clean Yao Choy In Another Bowl

Place the clean yao choy in another bowl.
Repeat Step 3 and Step 4 to clean all yao choy.

Place The Clean Yao Choy In Another Bowl.  Repeat Cleaning Procedure To Clean All Yao Choy.  (47k)

Clean Bowl For Cleaned Yao Choy

5. Cut Yao Choy

Cut the yao choy into pieces on a chopping board. Length should be 1.5 inches to 2 inches.
You may cut the bottom part of the stems if you don't want to cook and eat them.
After cutting into pieces, place inside another bowl.

Cut The Yao Choy On The Chopping Board Approximately 1.5 Inches To 2 Inches.  Place Chopped Yao Choy In A Bowl.  Watch Out You Don't Cut Fingers. (39k)

Cut Yao Choy Into Pieces

6. Boil Water

Fill a pot with 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch water.
Heat pot on high temperature to boil water.

Boil Water In A Pot To Steam The Broccoli.  Pot Filled With 1/4 Inch Water.  (22k)

Fill Pot 1/4 Inch Water

7. Steam The Yao Choy

When the water is boiling, put the yao choy into the pot.
Stir the yao choy occasionally.
When the water is boiling again and steam is coming out of the water, the yao choy is cooked.
The longer the yao choy is cooked, the softer the yao choy.

Put Yao Choy Into Boiling Water and Steam (29k)

Cook The Yao Choy

8. Ready To Eat

The yao choy is ready to eat.
Don't forget to turn off the stove.

Cooked Yao Choy In A Serving Bowl (43k)

Ready To Eat