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Hello. Welcome to my personal webpage. My name is Raymond Mar. I live actively every day. I stay in shape physically working out at the gym. My mental sharpness improves learning new skills, reviewing existing skills, and reading books. I write blogs to maintain my writing skills. Eight hours of sleep is required for good spirituality practice. I continue making new friends, seeking new adventures, and experiencing new experiences. Please enjoy my pages below by clicking on the images.

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Favorite Quotes

Steve Jobs Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Model Your Life From Famous People

These quoted famous people experienced the pain working hard earning their successes. We quote their life ups and downs, their comedy, and their beliefs. Adapting their quotes is an example of modeling. These quotes range from serious, funny, lighthearted, and inspirational.

My Photo Album

Paul McCartney Concert

Snapshots From Me Living Life

A common saying is, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” A person's life can be chronicled by pictures. I share my moments.

Police Car Photo Album

California Highway Patrol

Police Cars Everywhere I Go

One of my hobbies is taking pictures of police cars. Click California, USA to visit police cars in my home state. Click Outside California, USA to visit police cars out of state which includes Canada.

Cooking 101


Anyone Can Learn How To Cook

Learn how to cook following step-by-step with pictures. There is no need to eat out consistently. Eat healthy cooking at home.


Pen And Paper

Innovating Common Knowledge

My writing skills are sharp. Read all my blogs I started writing from Aug 2005. My blog innovates and improves life’s common knowledge and experience.

About Me

Question Mark

Who Is The Creator Of Innovate Infinitely

Learn more about me including my hobbies and favorite books. What does Raymond Mar do every day of his life? Click Latest Update to read what has been going on recently.

About ININ

Light Bulbs

Innovate Infintely (ININ)

I share the short story how I thought about Innovate Infinitely.


Telephone And Paper

Complete Contacts

My contact information and myself elsewhere on the internet.