About Innovate Infininitely (ININ)

Innovate Infinitely (ININ) was created while I drove to Japantown in San Jose, California on Nov 2000. The two words "Innovate" and "Infinitely" came to my mind. I said both words together which became my official webpage theme on April 22, 2001.

ININ means changing yourself, innovating yourself to be a better person continuously. Never stop innovating yourself. Never stop changing yourself. Embrace change daily for better smiles, better knowledge, better wisdom, and better successes. And keep getting better and better infinitely.

Innovate your life professionally, personally, your skills, your relationships. Losers take life for granted. Winners find ways to move their lives to the next level, and they keep going up levels. Winners earn their success; they keep earning infinitely.

Always times have changed. Times do change. Time changes you. Innovate every time.

The attitude is innovating equals change. Change as innovation. Sounds better. Sounds innovating.